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Ruba Drums

All About Ruba Drums
Ruba Drums came into existence in late 2007 in trying to find a solution to the difficulty in finding and purchasing quality Brazilian drums in New Zealand. It seemed they were only available by importing from Brazil or Germany... Surely we could do something about that?? So with some Kiwi Ingenuity and some severe testing from Wellington Batucada members, we have now come up with a quality product to stand by...
By purchasing these drums you are avoiding the massive freight costs and unknown quality of imported drums. We guarantee the workmanship of our drums for up to one year (excluding wear and tear and/or misuse and abuse!!).
Our drums are designed to be light for parading, yet strong and durable. Stainless steel is used for the tuning systems to eliminate rusting (unfortunately we can't always guaranteed sunshine for parades!!) These drums are all handmade using wooden ply for the shells, and can be made-to-order.
Ruba Drums can be decorated according to the customers needs - possibilities include plain wood with clear coat to enhance the grain; stain; paint or personalized artwork. Hoops and shells can be painted pretty much to order, or supplied uncoated for you to do your own thing!! All drums are over coated with a clear weatherproof protective coating.
Because of the nature of custom-made products, you can expect to have your drum within 4 - 6 weeks of ordering.
Prices vary according to the type of drum, artwork and degree of customisation. Surdos start from $450.00, Caixas from $350.00 and Repiniques from $340.00.
An initial deposit of 50% is required before work will begin. Subsequent part payments can be made, or the final amount on delivery (pick-up). The price of the drum does not include sticks, bag, straps or postage.
Instrument Range Available
Primera (#1), Segunda (#2) and Tercera (#3) surdos at either 400mm (Bahia), 500mm or the more standard 600mm depth. 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 inch diameter available.

12" x 300mm standard size

12" x 200mm standard size

14" x 700mm

Watch this space!!

Agogo bells:
Watch this space!!

Custom-built drums
For whatever reasons, the dimensions of the standard drums my not quite suit you. While we recommend one of our standard sizes, almost any size can be made to suit.

Questions/Comments? I look forward to any questions and/or orders from Brasilian music lovers around the country.
"If you wanna make some 'noise' and have an instrument that reflects...personality, colour, character then I'd urge you to buy your own custom-designed 'Rubadrum'. I have found my particular drum to be durable, light and importantly produce great sound! As for the creator...she is friendly, professional and can create a drum 'just for you' with your needs in mind! I've had guaranteed Fun with my RUBADRUM!"

Anny da silva Freitas (playing a surdo #2 Rubadrum - Wellington Batucada)

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